• "I fully expect Our American Stories to be the breakout program of the year."

    MICHAEL HARRISON, Talkers Publisher


    Including: KTRH & KPRC (Houston), KRLD (Dallas), WCCO (Minneapolis), WTMJ (Milwaukee), KMOX (St. Louis), WHO (Des Moines), KOA & KHOW (Denver), and WBT (Charlotte)


    Moved from #94 on the 2018 Talkers Heavy 100 to #32 in 2019


What people are saying about the show

I fully expect Our American Stories to be the breakout program of the year. It is the classiest, meticulously produced, dependable piece of quality content to come down the pike in years.

Michael Harrison

Talkers Publisher

The quality of stories, interviews, diversity of topics, and production is unparalleled. It recalls excellence of great "storytelling" in the tradition of Paul Harvey's "The Rest of the Story.”

Keith Lyons

Managing Partner/VP Broadcast
Operations KBNP, Portland

At WTMJ, we want personalities and shows that display ‘insatiable curiosity;’ I can’t think of a better program that exemplifies that description than Our American Stories!’There’s nothing else quite like it on the radio!

Brad Lane

Program Director,
WTMJ AM 620, Milwaukee, WI

“I’m amazed they’re able to put so much good content out in a week. From a commencement speech, to an interview with multiple people to a fully-produced historical piece, it is really good stuff.

John Hanson

Program Director WCCO AM,
Entercom Minneapolis/St. Paul. MN

Lee Habeeb is a man who can tell compelling stories to the great American middle, and he understands the power of story more than almost anyone I know. And the power of radio.

Bernie Goldberg

Winner of 12 Emmy Awards at HBO and CBS

The latest ratings continue to show strong support for Our American Stories. We’ve seen a 12% increase in our target audience, Men 35-64, since adding the show in the summer of 2018.

Michael Dorwart

Program Director, WHO-AM,
iHeart Media Des Moines
  • “There’s nothing else quite like it on the radio!”

    BRAD LANE, Program Director, WTMJ AM 620, Milwaukee, WI

In the dedication of ‘Braveheart,’ I wrote, ‘It is the tales we tell ourselves that make us who we are.’ I believe this more than ever. A philosophy lives in the intellect. A narrative is alive in the spirit, memory and imagination. It grows. Lee has a keen sense for a great story, and what makes a story great

Randy Wallace

Writer/Director of “Braveheart,”
“We Were Soldiers,” and “Secretariat.”

Our American Stories gives our listeners a needed break from politics and invites the listener into uplifting American stories. It's great to have the team at Our American Stories  on our side."

Ray Ingegneri

Program Director, KVOI, Tucson

I love this program. It is just this side of addictive

Michael Becker

Program Director, Bay
Broadcasting, Kenai, AK

Everyone loves a good story and that's what Lee delivers every day with Our American Stories.

Max Miller

Program Director, KRAC FM, Sacramento

There is no other show I know of that does this good a job at presenting subject matter that everyone can relate to. This show is rich with great storytelling.

Jerry Evans

Owner, Evans Broadcasting,
99.1 FM KKFT, Reno, Nevada

For advertisers of this show is like putting your logo or brand next to the Star-Spangled Banner!

Duff Lindsey

Operations, WWNN/WSBR,
Miami-Ft Lauderdale

I've cried listening. The stories are that good!

Ray Gustafson

Program Director, WSJM FM,
Benton Harbor

Our American Stories is a thoughtful, powerful show where the story takes center stage. The show immediately produced revenue: Lee’s team visited our community and did a great job introducing potential advertisers to the product.

Dianne Harms

NRG Media General Manager
and GSM of KXEL

The airwaves are filled with news about people at their worst. It’s a breath of fresh air to tune in each night and hear stories of people who’ve overcome obstacles and contributed to society. It’s a hit!

Roger Lonnquist

President/Manager, KJJC Media,
Salt Lake City

It's a beautiful show. The production is fantastic.

Jeff Davis

General Manager, WCFO, Atlanta
  • “I love this program. It is just this side of addictive.”

    MICHAEL BECKER, Program Director, Bay Broadcasting, Kenai, AK

On our Classic Hits station, we took a chance and aired it in the evening. The feedback was so positive we now play it twice in two different times during the day.

Dave Walker

Owner, Walker Broadcasting, Lubbock, TX

Our listeners love Our American Stories because it gives them a break from the tense politics - it’s an escape everyone loves to take.

Jim Siriani

Operations Manager,
KTMS, Santa Barbara

Our American Stories is a perfect fit for us. It's unique, positive, informative and entertaining, a refreshing break at the end of the day.

Mike Moore

General Manager,

There are many interesting stories that never get told anywhere except on Our American Stories. It is great radio!

Mike Bates

Owner, WEBY, Pensacola

Great program, excellently produced, interesting, educational, and entertaining too.  Our American Stories is very compelling and timely

Robert Stevens

Owner, WKHB AM/FM &
WEDO AM/FM, Pittsburgh

Everybody loves a good story...the more American the better. Good listener response at KLAY proves how good the stories are.

Bruce Bond

Program Director KLAY AM

Great addition to our line-up...very positive stories that remind us what makes America great!

Kevin Will

General Manager, KPRL, San Luis Obispo

Most talk programming is predictably similar. Our American Stories stands out. Every time I hear it, it’s another great story!”

Andy Vierra

Operations Manager, KMZQ AM 670,
Las Vegas
  • “I’ve cried listening. The stories are that good!”

    RAY GUSTAFSON, Program Director, WSJM FM, Benton Harbor

Lee Habeeb
Lee Habeeb

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Our American Stories is an innovation in the audio sphere. No politics, no opinions, just stories. We tell a story and the audience tells us their stories—LIVE, with raw emotional power. Daily bringing the campfire scene to your ears. We hope you’ll join the campfire with our first show Our American Stories.

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