Telling the Story of America to Americans

Our American Stories tells stories that aren’t being told. Positive stories about generosity and courage, resilience and redemption, faith and love. Stories about the past and present. And stories about ordinary Americans who do extraordinary things each and every day. Stories from our listeners about their lives. And their history. In that pursuit, we hope we’ll be a place where listeners can refresh their spirit, and be inspired by our stories.

Lee Habeeb

Meet The Storytelling Team


Valerie is a wife, mother of one (two if you count Lee), and zookeeper of 2 stunningly handsome and athletic pugs, 2 cats (one slightly homicidal), and one horse that has more monogrammed clothes than Lee. She practices the art of grilling steak as often as possible… medium rare and served with white wine, not red. Resisting conformity is somewhat of a hobby. Valerie prefers bold colors to pastels, dogs to cats, trucks to cars, The Stones to The Beatles, and hot to cold. Levity is her drug of choice, next is music. Whether in boots and jeans or heels and a dress, her must-have accessory is a Smith & Wesson.


Greg grew up in WI and MN. He played hockey his whole life (Dad built hockey rink in backyard) and was a very serious cyclist competing against the likes of Lance Armstrong. He got kicked out of his first two colleges because he chose to spend his time in the weight room rather than the classroom. After attending the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in NYC and becoming a member of the National Shakespeare Co. in NY, he moved to Los Angeles with 8 of his acting friends from MN who were picked up by the same manager and talent agent (Endeavor). Two of the eight became movie stars: Josh Hartnett and Amy Adams. Greg decided to go back to college and got his BA and MA in History with his focus in Communism. Meanwhile, he trained under UFC Heavyweight Champion Bas Rutten for three years and then became an avid CrossFit lover. Greg loves his wife and six girls, but most of all, Jesus.


Faith was born in Oxnard, California. Being a Navy brat, Faith’s family moved 6 times before she was 10. Her family ended up back in California where she attended University of California San Diego. All the moves during her father’s Naval career made moving to Mississippi after college seem like no big deal (although many of her friends could not understand why she would move from the golden state of California to Mississippi?!). Faith came to Oxford not quite sure what to expect. Four years into it all, she has met her husband, got a dog, and has a son. Not to mention established a great career in storytelling! When she isn’t creating for Our American Stories, she spends much of her time with her family enjoying the beautiful small town life Oxford, Mississippi has to offer. 


Lee was born in Soprano's country - northern NJ. His first love was and still is hoops - especially pick up three on three games and HORSE. After college, he spent some time in and out of a lot of things, including acting. He spent more time in law school at the University of Virginia - but never practiced. After a decade plus living in Oxford, he is finally considered a local, though he sometimes still feels like Joe Pesci in "My Cousin Vinny." Eating (and talking about eating), live music (and talking about music), spending time with his bride Valerie (a native Mississippian), daughter Reagan, (who loves riding her horse Levato and playing practical jokes on her dad), and 4 animals (two pugs and two cats), keep him out of trouble. And entertained.


Joey grew up in the Chicago area. Only a few days after getting his drivers license, a cop pulled him over for looking like a 10-year-old. To this day, he can barely grow a beard. He attended Boston College to pursue a career in secondary education. After working in education for a number of years, he realized that perhaps the teacher shouldn't be more ADD than the students. Joey pivoted to media, working with a number of companies, and eventually landed a job in Oxford MS. where he now calls home. He lives with his wife and two cats (or as his spouse calls them, “Shih Tzus”). If you're in Oxford, you'll likely find him at the cigar shop, with a bourbon in hand. He enjoys music, sports, taking long drives with his wife, chatting about philosophy and theology, and finding his way as a Catholic Yankee in the South.


Father of 5 (soon to be 6) and husband to 1, Bryan hails from the beautiful State of Colorado though his roots are now firmly planted in rural Alabama near the Capital City of Montgomery. Bryan has seen a side of life that most will never know and has lived to tell the tale. To hear his story of transformation Listen Here When he is not busy being a jungle gym for his children, changing diapers, training his children up in the way they should go, or preparing his family to be the next version of the Von Trapp Family Singers, Bryan enjoys grilling steaks, fine tuning his crossbow skills, and diving deep into Systematic Theology. Bryan is widely known as an up and coming syndication specialist and has been one of the primary driving forces behind APR’s syndication strategy, growing ‘Our American Stories’ one affiliate at a time.


Alex hails from the Chicago area, where everyone "has a guy" for just about everything. A Catholic who somehow has four kids ages 6 and under, he feels blessed to honor the stories of the many who are much better people than him. His perfect day includes cigars, Old Fashioneds, and bacon-wrapped meatloaf.


Bridget is a Mississippi born and raised wife and mother of three. She received both undergraduate and graduate degrees in business at Ole Miss. She is a type A, loves to organize everything personality, but has sadly given up the dream of having everything in its place at home. She has been soundly defeated by three very active, crazy kids, two dogs, a very sketchy cat, and the occasional orphaned baby squirrel (this happens more than you would think). She could probably be talked into having more pets if she could figure out how to train the pets she already has.


Matt Montgomery (more commonly known as Montie) has his roots along the shores of Lake Michigan in the small town of Bridgman, Michigan, but got his grounding at Hillsdale College, graduating in 2019 with a knowledge of just what exactly “the good” is. Montie considers the “good” to be craft beer (he likes Red Ales and Russian Imperials), vinyl records, and listening to music. To date, he has listened to over 2,400 albums, but if he had to pick his favorite, he’d say either Built to Spill’s 1999 Indie Rock classic “Keep it Like a Secret” or Radiohead’s “OK Computer.”


Robbie was born and raised in Northern NJ, right outside of the Big Apple and just a few towns (and decades) from Lee. After graduating high school, Robbie attended Grove City College, just an hour north of Pittsburgh, PA. The year after graduating from GC, Robbie participated in the Pittsburgh Fellows program, and through ensuing events was forced to flee to Mississippi... ok, Lee offered him a job and it seemed really cool. Though a Northerner by birth, he's settling into Southern living just fine with his wife Thalia and their golden doodle Gryffin. When they have the time (and money), they love to explore the world and all the food it has to offer (although Robbie’s the only one who seems to gain any weight from it).


Stan creates and solves “problems” at work and play… earning him the title of “best worst influence.” For example, why does a guy with a buzz cut own (and often use) a hair dryer? To force more oxygen through a stack of charcoal to get a hotter/better sear on a steak, of course!


Sarah hails from St. Louis, MO — the Gateway to the West. Oldest of 6 and having hit peak seriousness at age 6, she is an excruciatingly social introvert on a grand adventure to catalogue, reconcile, and integrate all dimensions of multiple outwardly contradictory personalities, hobbies, and convictions so they can all come to share the stage at once. This may or may not involve the Dewey decimal classification and a local fire department on steady alert. At all times. After finishing college, she moved to Washington DC for an internship, never intending to stay. Almost ten years later, a fundraiser, a bandmate, a wino, Sarah was ready for a new adventure. Early 2020, Sarah moved to Oxford, MS to join the OAS crew.  In her spare time, she organizes her rock collection(s). And writes music. And smokes meat. Better than Stan does. 


It never occurred to 14-year Jim that a fascination of making sound effects with your mouth in a cheap tape-cassette recorder back in 1974 while growing up in South Central Los Angeles would lead to a radio career that would become as long as it is wide. There has never been a time since 1982 that Jim has not been on radio or connected in some way. KIKR AM, Conroe was the beginning of over forty years of broadcast experience. Jim has been fortunate enough to work with some of the greatest voices to ever grace broadcasting, including some of the biggest names in radio today. Our American Stories is a dream, only he isn't the one creating the stories this time– or the sound effects. But he probably would if you asked him to. Instead he is helping to build a new empire where America's greatest story is now being told nightly from coast to coast.

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