About OAS

Telling the Story of America to Americans

From the beginning, Americans have been asking ourselves some basic questions: who are we, and who are we to become? The answers to these questions constitutes the American story. That is what we do here every single day: tell the stories of a good and great country – not a perfect country but a good and great one – that aren’t being told. Ours is the only country on earth birthed by an idea: that all of us are created equal, and endowed with inalienable rights by our Creator. And most important, that our government derives its powers from us, and not the other way around. It was a revolutionary idea then. It still is. It is why millions of people come here from other countries seeking a better life. They don’t come here to change America. They come to have America change them. The stories we tell are old and new. Stories about our past and present. Stories of  risk taking and adventure, generosity and courage, resilience and redemption, faith and love. We tell stories about entrepreneurs and  inventors, scientists and engineers, athletes and artists, coaches and teachers, military heroes and faith leaders. 

And we tell the story of ordinary Americans who do extraordinary things each and every day. Stories from our listeners about their lives. Their history. Stories that the media doesn’t cover. Stories the media doesn’t think are important. We disagree. Indeed, if there is a bias that Our American Stories was designed to correct, it is the media’s predisposition to cover the train wreck. To cover the bad, the loud and the ugly, while ignoring all that’s good and beautiful around us. And we do it all from our studios in Oxford, Mississippi, home to writers like Faulkner and Grisham. Elvis Presley was born an hour’s drive east, and BB King a two hour drive southwest. And an hour drive due north sits Memphis, where gospel, country and blues collided in a little studio on Union Ave - and changed the world. Our stories spring from every generation and every precinct. From our nation’s prairies and shores, to our biggest cities and small towns. From ballparks and blues joints, to summer festivals and state fairs. That’s what our team of storytellers and does each and every day: we tell the story of America to Americans. In that pursuit, we hope we’ll be a place where listeners can recharge and refresh their spirit, and be inspired by our stories. This is the story of Our American Stories.